How to follow my strategies on Shrimpy

Four easy steps to follow my strategy on Shrimpy.

1. Create a Shrimpy account

Go to Shrimpy and create an account.

2. Setup a premium account

In order to be able to auto-follow my strategy you’ll need a premium account. A premium account costs 8.99$/month and has the following features.


Click on the premium button on top right and follow the instruction to activate the feature.


3. Link Shrimpy to your Exchange

Shrimpy connects to the exchanges through their APIs. To setup the API connection you need to go to the Settings tab:


You can follow the detailed setup instructions here:

4. Follow Etherschtroumpf portfolio

You are then ready to follow my portfolio and automatically manage your funds based on the current trend. The portfolio will switch at 00:30 UTC to one of this possibile positions:

  • BTC
  • Basket of top altcoins
  • Basket of USD stablecoins

To activate this you need to go on the Social tab and search:

  • Binance portfolio:
    • search for ETHERSCHTROUMPF for the TOP30 1.0 Strategy
    • search for BMPSCHTROUMPF for the BMP 1.0 Strategy
  • Bittrex portfolio: search for TREXSCHTROUMPF


Click on the portfolio and then click on the ACTIVATE button


Confirm the activation.


Congratulations you are now auto-following my strategy!🎉